It is essentially the same product as WSI. This product is intended for indoor use and is completely chemical free! Thanks to this, you can carefully treat many surfaces in your home and you can stay without worries!

What surfaces does WSI Plus apply to?

The application is ideal especially for mineral materials.
Natural and artificial stone (limestone, sandstone, granite, concrete)

  • lime – cement plaster
  • bricks
  • plasterboard
  • unglazed tiles
  • Acrylic and silicate plasters
  • matured wood
  • concrete elements (fences, bridges,…)

The use is really versatile! Thanks to the ecological composition, there are no limits.

Obrázek: Ošetřená a neošetřená cihla.
Treated and untreated brick.


Effective mold protection

WSI Plus protects treated surfaces with water repellency. At the same time, however, it permits the penetration of internal moisture, which prevents the formation of molds, bacterial growth and algae. That’s why we can say that with WSI Plus you will live in a cleaner environment!

Obrázek: Impregnace je vhodná o pro sádrokarton.
Impregnation is suitable for plasterboard.

This one-sided breathability is the only change in the properties of any material! WSI Plus does not change any utility properties of the material.

WSI Plus application

WSi is applied to a cleaned and degreased surface. Also in this case we recommend to use us Cleaner for cleaning.
The surface may not be perfectly dry! Unlike conventional WSI, it is no problem to apply WSI Plus to a slightly damp surface. You can start impregnating a few hours after cleaning the surface.

Obrázek: Impregnaci využijete i na dřevo.
Impregnation can also be used for wood.

Consumption: 1 – 2 dcl per m² depending on material absorption.
Application can be done using a sprayer (smaller areas) or a pressure gun (large areas).

When applied by our company we give a guarantee of 9 years on vertical walls and flat 2 – 4 years according to the surface hardness.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

WSI Plus – hydrophobic & water repellent – pack sizes

This product is available in 1000ml and 5000ml sizes.