The most common cause of damage to all surfaces is the influence of the environment and include moisture. It penetrates deep into the material and disrupts it.
Our hydrophobic impregnation protects the treated surface and helps maintain its long-term functionality and color fastness.

Effective protection against mold and algae

Our WSI product does not alter the existing material properties! For this, however, it adds one desired and valued property, namely water repellency.
For example, lime-cement plaster becomes hydrophobic in the long term, but remains breathable (vapor-permeable), does not weather, does not change the color shade, and is highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Obrázek: Impregnace kamene. Voda nemá šanci proniknout.
Stone impregnation. Water has no chance to penetrate.

Thanks to these properties, it is used mainly in construction, maintenance of buildings, houses, in restoration and restoration of historical objects, in the preservation of freely exhibited, stone remediation and restoration of historical objects, and in the conservation of freely exposed, stone works of art – sculptures, fountains.

Examples of use

The application is ideal for porous mineral materials such as:

  • Natural and artificial stone (limestone, sandstone, granite, concrete)
  • lime-cement plaster
  • bricks
  • plasterboard
  • unglazed tiles
  • interlocking pavement
  • Acrylic and silicate plasters
  • roofing
  • matured wood
  • concrete elements (fences, bridges,…)

This product is especially suitable for outdoor use due to its long-term protection even under stress of the surface (weather, dust, pigeon droppings, salt,…).

Obrázek: Impregnace kamene. Voda nemá šanci proniknout.
Tiled and untreated tiles.


When used indoors, the room must be well ventilated.

Application WSI – water-repellent impregnation

WSi is applied to the cleaned and degreased surface. Also in this case we recommend to use us Cleaner for cleaning.

Consumption: 1 – 2 dcl per m² depending on material absorption.

Application can be done using a sprayer (smaller areas) or a pressure gun (large areas).

When applied by our company we give a guarantee of 9 years on vertical walls and flat 2 – 4 years according to the surface hardness.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The surface must be completely dry before application.

WSI – hydrophobic & water repellent – pack sizes

This product is available in 1000ml and 5000ml sizes.