We come, clean and protect

It is no problem for us to treat various types of surfaces. The most common tasks include:


We offer cleaning using high-pressure cleaners and our Cleaner.

Why is purification necessary?

Green algae are formed on the walls of the houses and subsequently the fungi also multiply. Cleaning with our Cleaner product will prevent algae and mold growth and thus disinfect the wall – all with a natural product that does not contain any chemicals.

This is followed by the application of a hydrophobic spray to prevent water from entering the facades, thus preventing the growth of algae and mold.

We give a guarantee of up to 9 years for such a treated wall !!!


Cleaning with high pressure gun and Cleaner – mainly to remove moss and other impurities.

This is followed by carrying WSI for long-term protection.

Even with the treatment applied by us, we provide a guarantee of up to 9 years !!!


Clean the tiles with a Cleaner (clogged dirt, oil deposits, grass, moss, petroleum products, efflorescence) and then treat them with WSI. Such treated tiles will prevent the oil from getting dirty again, preventing the growth of grass and the like. The protective grille does not let water even into the joints!

When applied by our company you get a warranty for 2 – 4 years !!!
The material load is decisive.

Carpet impregnation and cleaning

Carpet cleaning with professional cleaners for deep cleaning with Cleaner, removing stains from coffee, food, sweat,…

Impregnate cleaned surfaces – the cloth will not soak up water, just spill wine, juice, water – just wipe it off. Couch, carpet, armchair – stays dry and beautiful. Ideal for children who have health problems (eczema, allergies,…).

We provide 2 years warranty on surfaces treated by us !!!

Another services

We also provide cleaning of various objects.
For example: production halls, garages, warehouses, department stores, office buildings, parking lots, gas stations and many other buildings.