The treated surface will not leak a drop of water.

How Surface Treatment works

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A unique opportunity to live healthy and dry! Unique and highly effective protection system Stavtechnology products Surface treatment improves the surface of the material and thus extends the life of the material. The surface to be treated can be any surface – canvas, plastic, wood, concrete, stucco, glass… an invisible protective layer of protective particles is firmly bound. The treated surface repels water, but at the same time it is vapor permeable and remains clean and moss-free. After cleaning, an environment is created on the walls that prevents further growth of molds and algae.
Fungi and algae often contain bacteria and can cause health problems. Live in a healthier environment!

The strong water-repellent “lotus” effect creates the effective self-cleaning ability of the treated material, thanks to the protective particles contained in our products.

At the same time, the vapor permeable properties of the material are retained. Thanks to our products, the resulting protective layer is resistant to moisture. Stability will not be affected by frequent temperature changes or by exposure to chemicals (road salt, acids, bases and solvents).

The use of our products does not change the appearance of the material, it can only slightly accentuate the colors, but for example, ordinary lime-cement plaster gets extraordinary properties – it becomes water-repellent, breathes, is long-term stable and durable…

Other benefits of using our products:


In addition to a healthy style, it also brings significant economic results – significantly extending the life and quality of materials. The treated area, unlike the untreated, will substantially change its properties. Weathering and corrosion no longer threatens the material! Aging of the treated material slows down significantly.

Image: You will also appreciate our products during construction or reconstruction.
You will also appreciate our products and services during construction or reconstruction.

By using products we will fundamentally change the financing and maintenance of buildings. Our Stavtechnology will extend the lifespan of traditional building materials, which will have a significant impact in the future, not only on the financial resources of small builders, but especially on significant savings in public resources.

You will also appreciate our products and services during construction or reconstruction.