No more worries about removing graffiti. Protect the surface from damage by spray and weather conditions. In addition, you save money by removing unwanted “art” of vandals.

How does it work?

Our AntiGraffiti product creates an invisible layer on the surfaces of the treated material. It binds the impurities and does not let them to the material.
In case of not spraying a picture, just use warm water and rinse the surface. This way you can get rid of all graffiti.
This unique product will extend the life of the treated surface and save considerable money!
This sacrificial layer is a very effective and relatively cheap protection against vandals.

Obrázek: Odstranění je snadné, rychlé a levné!
Removal is easy, fast and cheap!

Properties of treated surface

After applying Antigraffitti products, you will be able to:

  • Remove spray paint only with warm water.
  • Use a repulsive effect against falling and splashing water.
  • Reduce the adhesion of dirt to the surface, helping to keep the surface clean longer.

Another great advantage is unchanged vapor permeability.
Another excellent feature is the minimal change in the appearance of the treated surface. Only color enhancement can occur.

Use of AntiGraffiti

AntiGrafiti can be used on all mineral surfaces, natural and artificial stone, concrete (+ all solid substrates such as: limestone, sandstone, concrete), plasters, bricks, tiles, tiles.

Obrázek: Odstranění graffiti.
Graffiti removal.

In case of removal of unwanted paintings, AntiGraffiti must be re-applied!

AntiGraffiti product application:

Thoroughly clean the surface before treatment! We recommend cleaning with Cleaner.
Shake the product for 5 seconds.
The treated surface must be clean, dry and degreased !!!
Apply a protective layer of AntiGraffiti on the treated surface by spraying with a low-pressure gun. You can also use a fine brush or roller. It is only the application of a uniform layer.

Treat at 5 – 35 ° C. Depending on temperature and relative humidity, drying takes about 3 – 5 hours.

Lifetime of applied protection

The length of active treatment is approximately once every 24 months, depending on the load on the treated surface, especially mechanical.
Only hot water with a temperature higher than 65 ° C is sufficient

AntiGraffiti and pack size

This product is available in 1000 ml and 5000 ml packages.