We are also a realization company!

We are not only sellers – we also offer the application of Stavtechnologies. We will come to you and clean and treat the surface. In addition, we give a long-term warranty of 8 or more years for our application! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What does our company offer you?


A unique opportunity to live healthy and dry! Unique and highly effective protection system Stavtechnology products Surface treatment improves the surface of the material and thus extends the life of the material. The surface to be treated can be any surface – canvas, plastic, wood, concrete, stucco, glass… an invisible protective layer of protective particles is firmly bound. The treated surface repels water, but at the same time it is vapor permeable and remains clean and moss-free. After cleaning, an environment is created on the walls that prevents further growth of molds and algae.
Fungi and algae often contain bacteria and can cause health problems. Live in a healthier environment!

The strong water-repellent “lotus” effect creates the effective self-cleaning ability of the treated material, thanks to the protective particles contained in our products.

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